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Poetic world of the poet composed not only of his images and themes (material), but - even from the laws that relate the images into a coherent whole, which, with a certain degree of conditionality can be called a tool. In addition to the fundamental (basic) laws of language from the grammar to linguistics poetic language lives (moving, evolving) in its own special laws - the rules of versification.

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In theory versification includes a lot of science, most of which relates to linguistics, and smaller - actually to study the laws of verse. Such sciences related to the lower part, mostly, I'll keep it in their articles. I will consider strophic, rhythm, euphony, the science of rhyme, etc. I want to warn in advance that individually, these aspects of the theory does not occur in practice.

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You can, of course, deliberately create a constructive example, emphasizing one or another aspect of the general theory, using the so-called exposure of admission, but it's mostly just an example illustrating the methodology, and nothing more. Almost every poem has: images, rhyme, stanza, rhythm, together express the unique individuality of the author. Considering blank verse or free verse, you will notice that the first no rhyme, and the second - a strict rhythm.

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In fact, they still have a kind of "subtle" does not lie on the surface harmony that distinguishes poetry from prose. Sophisticated, this reader could easily "hear" this extraordinary song, which replaces in this case, the rhythm and rhyme as organizational structure, but to find a specific law that defines it, is hardly possible.

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Poetry - have shaped the literary and artistic speech, subject to special laws of order, which gives it a palpable harmony and melody. Perhaps the main image in an unexpected piece (thought, detail, dot, line) noticed author and are not visible, conspicuous up to that point with anyone else.

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For poetry is important and musicality, and connectivity, seamless shaped structures. One image is dependent on another, and do not put images contradictory, such that mutually exclusive In addition, the poetic image must be local, ie appropriate. However, in literary prose, too, cannot do without the imagery, and there the same laws of relationships. The first is the most common way - it's just an epithet. 3. Epithet The epithet is found everywhere in literature and in everyday conversation, did not escape him, and scientific treatises and documents. When we say "snow white", the word "white" is an epithet. But if you say "white night" or "white silence", the words "white" and "white" becomes a poetic epithet that have become icons. There is even the classification of images made by various theorists of literature. In these classifications, the epithets are divided into groups according to certain criteria. To fully disclose such a thing as an epithet, and in particular we are interested in the poetic epithet need a separate paper. To this I might come back, but now confine myself mainly a characteristic feature of the poetic epithet, which, as part of speech is often an adjective. Poetic epithet except for the definition (objective or logical) gives way more artistic feature as a hidden comparison - is almost always a metaphorical adjective, which laid a sure sign of the congruence (conformity, interaction). For example, a "sugar snow", "swan snow" in contrast to the "snow white" and "soft snow" .. The use of an epithet (in the future I will omit the word "poetry" that is so clear) can be seen not only in poetry but in prose. Sometimes poets for greater expressiveness using enumeration - a row are adjectives, nouns, verbs, three or more Depending on temperament.